Introducing PIPA Coin

PIPACoin, derived from Pepe’s beloved wife, is poised to make a significant impact in the cryptocurrency market. The highly anticipated presale for PIPACoin is scheduled to commence on May 18th at 14:00 UTC, captivating the attention of potential investors. This groundbreaking venture aspires to establish an unparalleled and gratifying journey for individuals who choose to participate in the presale of Pipa Coin.

Token Details:

Total Token Supply: 420,689,999,999,999 PIPA

Tokens for Presale: 232,839,999,999,999 PIPA

Tokens for Liquidity: 136,909,919,999,999.4 PIPA

Presale Information:

Presale Start: May 18th at 14:00 UTC

Softcap: 50 BNB

60% of Raised Funds Allocated to Liquidity

Key Features:

Pancakeswap Listing: PIPA Coin will be listed on Pancakeswap, the popular decentralized exchange, within 24 hours after the presale concludes.

Liquidity Lock: The liquidity generated from the presale will be locked for 365 days, providing stability and security for PIPA Coin investors.

Owner Contract Renouncement: To ensure transparency and decentralization, the ownership contract will be renounced, giving control of the token to the community.

No Team Tokens: PIPA Coin’s commitment to fairness means that there will be no tokens allocated to the team. This demonstrates their dedication to creating a level playing field for all investors.

Awesome NFTs: PIPA Coin will introduce exciting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), offering unique and valuable digital assets to token holders.

Huge Marketing Campaigns: The PIPA Coin team is planning extensive marketing campaigns to raise awareness and promote the token’s growth potential.

No Buy and Sell Tax: PIPA Coin aims to provide a frictionless trading experience by implementing no buy and sell taxes. This encourages active trading and flexibility for investors.

No Venture Capitalists (VCs): PIPA Coin is independently backed by an experienced team without any involvement from venture capitalists, ensuring the token’s trajectory remains community-driven.

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PIPACoin presents an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate in a presale that offers unique features, transparency, and community-oriented goals. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this innovative project.


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