Farooq Abdulla: India and Pakistan

National Conference President and MP Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Saturday called for India and Pakistan to restore the dialogue process to end the “charade” of peace and development in Kashmir.

Abdullah said that the cosmetic measures taken by both countries have yielded no results and that the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue is through dialogue. He said that war is not the answer and that the people of Ukraine are a living example of the destruction that war can cause.

“There has been enough pageant on peace, development and tourism in Kashmir,” Abdullah said. “But the situation on the ground remains unchanged. There is still violence, there are still killings, and there is still uncertainty. The only way to resolve this is through dialogue.”

Abdullah said that India and Pakistan need to come forward with “sincere hearts” to find a solution. He said that they need to “explore ways and engage people on the table” to find a way forward.

Abdullah’s comments come at a time when there is renewed interest in dialogue between India and Pakistan. The two countries have held several rounds of talks in recent months, and there is hope that they can finally reach a settlement on the Kashmir issue. However, there are also concerns that the talks could fail, especially if either side is not willing to compromise.

Abdullah’s comments are a reminder that dialogue is the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue. If India and Pakistan are serious about finding a solution, they need to be willing to come to the table and talk.

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