Rajmachi Trek


India is becoming more and more popular with trekking, a well-liked adventure sport. Many people travel to particular locations that offer a variety of heart-pounding activities. The Rajmachi Trek is one of the most well-known of these. The Sahyadri mountain range can be seen in stunning detail from this location, which is close to the well-known cities of Mumbai and Pune. Due to the fact that it offers treks to Shrivardhan Fort and Rajmachi Fort, it is the best location for lovers of nature and historical sites.  

All about Rajmachi Trek 

Between the well-known hill towns of Lonavala and Karjat is where you’ll find Rajmachi Trek. The trek can be accessed from either the Lonavala side or another side, namely the Karjat side, and gives hikers the chance to climb two forts starting from the same base village of Udhewadi. 

It is a very simple trek to Rajmachi. There is no need for a guide because the altitude is not very high and the trail is clearly marked. A major old trade route during the Maratha Empire, the Rajmachi Fort at the trail’s end is situated at a height of 2750 feet and offers views of the Bhorghat Pass. 

Visit the Rajmachi fort, which Shivaji built in the 17th century, while on the Rajmachi trek. It’s fascinating to explore both of the twin forts, Manaranjan and Shrivardhan. Take a trip to Rajmachi Lake, Mahadev Temple, and Bhairavnath Temple. Rajmachi is an excellent place to go trekking. The inspiration for the trekker’s journey through the dense forests comes from the ruins of forts, waterfalls, temples, and ancient Buddhist caves.

Most Popular Activities in Rajmachi 

Decide to go trekking

Rajmachi is well-known for trekking and is a favourite among fans of adventure sports, as the name would imply. You can try trekking here regardless of your level of experience. Make sure you have everything you need, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable clothing and shoes. Start a little earlier than usual, and don’t forget to bring a camera in case you want to take some pictures.  

Camp out

The Rajmachi hills provide a wonderful setting for camping. The comfort and preferences of the visitors are taken into consideration when making the arrangements. You can therefore go camping with your family without having to worry. Just spend the evening stargazing while sitting by the campfire or in your tent.   

On the other hand, you can decide to set up camp in Pune’s tiny, sparsely populated village of Udhewadi. After sunset, a large number of trekkers camp at this village as they descend. You’ll be surprised to see how the locals welcome you and offer to host you in their homes. Visit the villagers’ homes and eat freshly prepared, home-cooked food. 

Enjoy Bird Watching 

Rajmachi, one of India’s top destinations for trekking, is renowned for having some of the best bird-watching opportunities. Many migratory birds frequent the Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary, particularly in the winter.  

Rajmachi’s Most Popular Treks 

Shrivardhan Fort Trek 

Shrivardhan Fort’s summit can be reached after a brief hike. It has some of the best views and is situated at a height of almost 3000 feet. You can expect to arrive at this fort in about two days. Lonavala-Tungarli and Karjat-Kondivade are the two well-known routes taken for this trek. 

Rajmachi Fort Trek 

You can reach the well-known Shrivardhan fort and Manoranjan Rajmachi fort by way of a strenuous trek. The two main departure points for this trek are Lonavala and the village of Kondhane. 

Best Season to Complete the Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi trekking is possible throughout the year. The advantages and allure of a trek vary depending on the month you are trekking, as they do with most treks. Here are the specifics of what you can expect to see during these months of hiking.

The best time to see fireflies on the trek is in the months of May and June. The lifespan of these bioluminescent beetles is just two months. You will be transported to a land of wonder when they are glowing brightly at night.

Trekking during the monsoon season will allow you to experience the beauty of luxuriant vegetation and valleys teeming with waterfalls.

After monsoons and during the winter, the trek’s colour completely changes. Trekking for the autumnal tree colours and clear views is completely different.

Ways to get to Rajmachi Trek 

If you have a car, Rajmachi is a trek that is easily accessible. The journey begins in Udhewadi. This is your starting point or base village, which is located about 100 kilometres from Mumbai. From Mumbai, go to Panvel. Take the Mumbai-Pune highway out of Panvel, then follow it until you reach Khandala. The base village of Udhewadi can be reached after a 15 km, or about an hour, drive from Khandala. 

The fastest way to get to the base is to take the express train from Mumbai to Kajrat or Lonavala, then take the road to Rajmachi. 

Summing up 

Because of the lengthy trek, camping in Rajmachi is a great idea. Trekkers can camp at two dormitories owned by the Rajmachi Rural Aid and Development Programme (NGO) for a small fee. Plan and enjoy the Rajmachi Trek moving forward to take in the breathtaking beauty of the lush Sahyadri. Spend time in the fresh mountain air for the ideal weekend getaway. Arrive home feeling renewed. 

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